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iDiary (School Management System)

Generally, School records are documented evidence of what a school does. School records contain data and information about various aspects of a school’s operations, including data about its students, teachers, classes, facilities, finances, exam related activities, bus management etc. Based on this data school administration regularly make decisions about their school’s operations. In order to make good decisions, school administration needs information that is up-to-date, accurate and available on the fingertips.

People who are responsible for managing school process also realize that easy and faster data accessibility is needed to improve day to day school processes and this is only possible when schools systematically maintain and use school records.

In the competitive era of Internal and electronic gadgets, employees have to focus on lot of academic activities and they do not want to restrict themselves to the school boundaries to fulfill record related activities. Rather they need some way to complete their documentation work from home or their preferable place. This is only possible when there is some facility to work from anywhere.

Apart from systematic record management, effective communication between institutions and guardians is a major problem in most of the educational institutes / schools in India. In order to cope up this issue certain measures are taken by the institutions like:

Periodic Teacher-Parents meeting

Periodic Telephonic conversation

Periodic Letters about calendar, reports etc

Though above mentioned measures try to improve communication between institutions and parents yet there are few major concerns of guardians. Few of them are given here:

Information on daily basis is not available.

Attendance of ward is not readily available.

In case of kids, guardians are dependent on diary of ward which is incomplete most of the time.

In order to communicate with teachers, they have to come down to institute.

No authentic information about homework / assignments

Therefore, thrust areas where a school must focus to improve its processes:

Systematic data / information management

Global Presence to work from anywhere

An effective way of communication with parents

A good school management system may help a school to handle above-mentioned thrust areas effectively.

i-Diary is a browser based online / offline Institute Management System which can be used for managing Institute's day to day business. i-Diary allows users to store almost all of their Institute's information electronically, including information on students, employees, fees, marks etc. This information can be easily shared with authorized users, records can be easily searched, and reports can be easily generated. i-Diary also provides global presence to the institution so that employees can work from their preferable place and an effective way of communication with parent through state of art technologies (Email, SMS etc).

i-Diary consists of three components:

Institute ERP

Parent Panel for guardians (Can be access by parent through secure login over internet)

Website of Institute / Online version of i-Diary